Load Cell Mounting CMX-355

Product Overview

  • Complete mounting arrangement for the Load Cell 355
  • Ideal for Hopper and Silo weighing
  • Robust, industrial stainless steel construction with
  • Mechanical lift off.
  • Built-in jacking facility
  • Heavy duty braid between to and bottom plates
  • Complete with screws and cable protection

Product Description

The Mounting CMX-355 is a complete mounting arrangement for the load cell 355. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it is ideally suited to applications in the food and chemical industries as well as outdoors. The built-in jacking facility allows the mounting arrangement to be installed without the load cell prior to commissioning. The heavy duty braid between the top and bottom plates encourage stray currents (say from welding near by) to bypass the load cell leaving it undamaged. The cleverly designed top plate has a recess into which the load pillar sits. The load pillar has a rectangular section which can be rotated in the recessed slot to allow for thermal expansion in the vessel being weighed. The load pillar also has a domed head with minimises the amount of torque and side loads that can be transmitted to the load cell. The top plate is captured by 2 bolts fixed to the bottom plate with then prevents lift off. The cable protector plate prevents the load cell cable from being damaged by falling objects.

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Load Cell Mounting CMX 355 – Technical Data