Load Cell Mounting SM-220R

Product Overview

  • Complete mounting arrangement for the Load Cell 220
  • Available for capacities from 5 to 30 T
  • Robust, Industrial steel construction
  • Built in lift off protection
  • Integrated jacking facility
  • Can tolerate load misalignment up to ± 3 ° from vertical
  • Alloy steel and Stainless steel options.

Product Description

The Load Cell Mounting SM-220-R provides a complete mounting arrangement for the load cell model 220. The mount consists of a top plate and a base plate connected to each other by 2 hex nuts and bolts. Nuts on these bolts can be used to lift the top plate off the load cell allowing the load cell to be removed. This feature can also be used when the installation is being  transported or commissioned to prevent damage to the load cell. As the top plate of the mount is captured by the heads of the bolts, this provides lift off protection.
At the heart of this mount is a hardened steel roller which sits in an over sized cup. Load is applied to this roller through a domed pillar fitted to the underside of the top plate. The difference in the radii of the roller and cup provide a high level of centering forces which ensures that the load is applied in the same place. This also allows the load to be applied up to ± 3 ° from vertical without causing problems.

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Load Cell Mounting SM-220-R – Technical Data