Load Cell 1320

Product Overview

  • Front mounting
  • Suitable for platform sizes up to 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Constructed from a high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Approved to OIML R60 up to 3000D
  • Compatible intelligent Load Cell Amplifiers and Weighing Indicators available
  • Ideal for large high capacity scales and platforms
  • Optional ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4 approval available
Capacities: 1000, 1500, 2000 kg

Product Description

The load cell 1320 was designed to meet the growing demand for larger, higher capacity platform scales constructed using only one load cell. Using the 1320, a large platform scale up to 120 x 120 cm, can be produced easily and cheaply. This advantage can be applied to  other applications such as overload protection on trucks, lifts and refuse weighing.
Typically, up to four of these load cells can be mounted on the front of refuse vehicles to lift and weigh industrial waste containers. For household waste, a single 1320 can be built into the bin lift mechanism to weigh, record and bill with an accuracy of 1 kg.

The Model 1320 like many platform load cell, has a dual beam mechanical design. Each load cell is manufactured using an optimised complex machining process. This ensures that there will be no measurement error when the load is placed off centre, eg in a corner of a platform.
The construction of a platform scale with this load cell is easy. The 1320 has 4 mounting holes on each of the end faces. The frame to sit on the ground should be connected to the 4 mounting holes nearest the cable entry. The frame to which the load will be applied should be connected to the load cell using the 4 mounting holes on the opposite face. The load cell then has to connected to a suitable display or readout.

The 1320 platform load cell can be supplied with an optional  ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4 certificate for use in hazardous gas areas – Zone 1 & 2.
The 1320 load cell is fitted with a 6 core shielded cable as standard. Special cables and lengths are available on request.

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