Load Cell 1004

Product Overview

  • Very good linearity and reproducibility
  • Available in capacities from 0.3 - 3kg
  • Short term resolutions up to 30,000d and more possible
  • Compatible intelligent Load Cell Amplifiers and Weighing Indicators available
  • Suitable for platform sizes up to 200 x 200 mm
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical / medical applications
  • Sealed to IP 66 with special coating
Capacities: 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3 kg

Product Description

The new platform load cell 1004 has been specially developed for applications which require very low capacities but with a very high resolutions (down to the mg range). A  simple high accuracy scale can be constructed at a very attractive price using the 1004.
The 1004 load cell has a short-term resolution of 30,000 d and experiments with the 300 g version have shown that a reproducible resolution of + / – 10 mg can be reliably achieved.

The standard applications include simple filling systems, such as packing tea and coffee, level control of small hoppers and bottles, as well as the manufacture of any many kinds of tablets.
With a maximum width of only 10 mm, the 1004 allows the construction of very compact machines. For example a complex multi-head weighing machine constructed using the 1004, will occupy a much smaller amount of space than one constructed with larger load cells.

The 1004 is constructed from a high strength aircraft grade aluminium which gives it a relatively high spring stiffness and also ensures a long life. This also means that in applications where there are large load changes or where fast wave like loads have to measured, the 1004 is better than the usual precision scales which use inductive or capacitive measuring systems.

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